5 back to school weight loss tips

Summer is ending and schools are about to start along with altered schedules. Do not let it alter your healthy habits. It is vital to maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits for weight loss. Whether you are a student, teacher or parent, this season brings much busier schedules. Changed routines can hinder your weight loss goals. After the holidays, it is a little hard but also crucial to sustain your diet and reach your weight loss goals. Weight loss is a journey that needs to be continued despite the changes in our routine. Hence it is extremely important to stay focused and remain on track to sustain weight loss.

Here are the 5 effective tips for back-to-school weight loss:

  • Keep track of your calorie intake: this is the most important step for weight loss. As we know, food plays a key role in weight management. Plan your meal. Keep tracking your food. Eat more veggies and fruits. Bin junk food and avoid weight gain. Try to eat self-cooked meals. Don’t skip your meals. It may lead to weight gain. So, eat proper healthy and timely meals. Eat in small portions.
  • Follow a creative exercise routine: cardio exercises help you lose weight more effectively. Go for a walk whenever you have time. If you are a parent then you can join a gym near your kid’s dance class or tuition class. In this way, you can utilize this time to lose some pounds. Early morning and afternoon time workouts are the best times to sneak in your workout in the day. It helps you avoid evening time binging. Write down your workout timings on a paper every day and stay on the track.
  • Build a healthy lifestyle: Keep up a healthy lifestyle. Manage your stress levels because stress hormones aid in weight gain and also trigger hunger. Take the stairs where possible, walk or cycle to work and develop a hobby. Summers are great for outdoor activities like sports. Stay active throughout the day. Keep your refrigerator loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables and bin all the junk food.
  • Get adequate sleep: Hectic schedules can affect your sleep. Sleeping doesn’t burn calories but aids in accelerating your metabolism and regulating your weight. Don’t skip on sleep else it can mess with your fat-burning hormones. Inadequate sleep can affect your food preferences and appetite adversely. Sleep deprivation increases cravings and makes you eat sugars. Sleep helps control your diet. Better sleep averts late night binge eating. Good sleep helps you burn more calories and keeps you more active throughout the day. It also leads to great workout sessions.
  • Get more protein: protein is most crucial for weight loss. High protein diet reduces appetite, advances metabolism and alters various weight balancing hormones. Protein remarkably helps you lose weight. Protein curtails the levels of hunger hormone which leads to a natural reduction of calorie intake. Protein can hold off hunger much better than carbs. Protein increases the feeling of satisfaction. It helps you control your appetite and upholds your energy levels.