Benefits of full body vibration machine

Full body vibration machine:

The full body vibration machine is a powerful device for overall fitness. It enhances the fitness training by adding variation, freshness, and fun. It improves the range of motion, flexibility and relaxes the body. A full-body vibration machine is a piece of equipment allows you to either sit, stand or lie down on a vibrating platform. The vibration motion causes your muscles to relax and contract more than a dozen times within a second. This makes you feel the same as a workout. There are different kinds of full body vibration machines available in the market but most effective are those which vibrate in 3 directions – vertical, horizontal and pointer movements.

Full body vibration machine can be used for various purposes:

It helps recover injured muscles and massage sore muscles. These machines are adaptable and ideal for a broad range of people. It delivers lots of benefits including muscle loss prevention, increased energy, elimination of toxins, relieved back pain, boosting helpful hormones, improving balance and flexibility, increasing exercise potential, adds other dimensions to regular exercise, increases lymphatic drainage, improves fitness in aged people, improves neurological conditions, tones body, tightens skin and reduces high blood pressure.

Most common benefits of full body vibration machine are mentioned below:

Weight loss: weight loss and obesity are directly influenced by the vibration machine. Vibration increases metabolism and builds leaner muscles resulting in a higher calorie burn. It also increases the production of HGH which decreases cellulite.

Prevents osteoporosis: when your bones become delicate and more prone to breakage, the condition is called osteoporosis. Full body vibration can help the people fighting osteoporosis. Vibration machine provides direct mechanical support for the bones that encourages bone remodeling. It Increases bone density.

Improves strength of the pelvic floor: Weak pelvis is caused by softening of connective tissues at the time of pregnancy. Body vibrations can regain pelvic strength almost instantly. As a result, these connective tissues regain their original health and recover quickly. It is a great way to strengthen the pelvic area and rectify the instability.

Increases muscle relaxation: full-body vibrations offer whole body relaxation. It can massage all muscle groups in the body and also reduce the effects of stress. Full body vibrations decrease the levels of stress hormone cortisol and increase the levels of serotonin hormones. It stimulates the whole body’s metabolism.

Boosts immunity and circulations: during the whole-body vibration treatment, your muscles act in a rhythmic motion that boosts the circulation and blood flow. Enhanced circulation sends oxygen throughout the body more efficiently. It improves the lymph node function by ensuring that every cell is restored and organ-muscle function. This, in turn, leads to better health.


Full body vibration machine is a great addition to a workout routine. It is more than exercise equipment. It offers influential benefits with just 20 minutes of daily use. A full body vibration machine is the single answer to those who want to stay fit, become stronger, improve their health and lose weight. It is the most popular health procedure that provides surprising benefits.