Full Body Vibration

At New Beginnings, weight loss and overall health are our primary focus. The two are intertwined. Obesity is a major adverse health condition that can lead to things such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This is one of the reasons why we focus so much on the interconnecting relationship between weight and health. When you are at your ideal weight, you are much healthier.

The Genesis Elite from Vibra Pro

The newest machine from Vibra Pro, the Genesis Elite is a multi motion machine designed for people looking for rapid weight loss, increased core strength and improved lymphatic drainage. This machine also includes an Integrated Vibration Dampening System. This system ensures that all vibrations are harmonic for maximum effectiveness.

This machine has three different motion styles to workout different areas on your body. They are:

  • Oscillation motion
  • Cross Lateral
  • Dynamic Wave motion

These new styles of motion offer twice as much amplitude than any other oscillating machine on the market. This means that any session on the Genesis Elite at New Beginnings will be customized to your weight loss and health needs. This machine also offers 28 different, built-in motion programs, each with its own unique workout program.

With two powerful motors driving the Genesis Elite, you will get the best full body vibration workout on the market. Given the higher amplitude movements, the Genesis Elite shows much improved results for burning fat than other machines. In addition, the Genesis Elite is extremely helpful for balance and will dramatically increase the body’s lymphatic drainage system, eliminating waste toxins. Eliminating waste toxins is a great way to detoxify your body and maintain a healthy and fit feeling and look.

Full Body Vibration can help you lose weight fast

Combine with Laser-like Lipo!

The Genesis Elite is extremely effective when combined with the laser-like lipo system utilized at New Beginnings. When the contents of fat cells are opened and emptied through the incredible power of the laser-like lipo machine, the full body vibration with the Genesis Elite allows all of the toxins from inside the fat cells to be burned as energy. This combination will jump-start your weight loss and help you see better results faster.

Whether you want to use the Genesis Pro by itself for a fast and effective workout, or if you want to combine the full body vibration with the laser-like lipo service, the Genesis Pro is the best model on the market. It’s flexibility combined with the power motion will help you lose weight and feel great! Come to New Beginnings today and implement full body vibration into your workout and weight loss regimen.

Full Body vibration will help with weight loss