Many treatments offered by body contouring machines

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a technique to eliminate extra fat and skin in pointed areas of the body. Body contouring also involves skin tightening procedures and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. It helps the people to tighten and tone the body without involving surgical procedures. Non-surgical techniques of body contouring are more popular, safe and effective.

What are body contouring machines?

Body contouring machines are used to alter the body. These machines are based on advanced technologies that can diffuse cellulite, abolish fat, and tighten the skin to equip seemingly slimmer and youthful skin and body. Some most used body contouring machines are tri-polar radio frequency skin tightening, cavitation machine, stimulating machine, calorie burning system, body sculpting machine, cryo-lipo laser machine, slimming equipment, cryo-sauna machine, liposuction machine and ultrasonic lipolysis equipment etc.

What are the treatments offered by body contouring machines?

Radio Frequency: In this treatment, the waves focus and heat the fat cells and cause their breakdown and then captivated by lymphatic system to remove through natural elimination.

Cryolipolysis/cool sculpting: It destroys the fat cells by freezing. The disclosure to cooling causes the death of fat cells of subcutaneous fat tissues. The fat bulge is placed between 2 metal plates and specific cold temperature is applied to chill the fat.

Ultrasonic liposuction: High energy sound waves are used to eradicate fat from the body. It can remove a larger volume of fat without causing any damage to surrounding tissue.

Laser lipo: It uses low-level laser energy to melt the fat before its deportation through a thin tube cannula. The cannula is not used for face and neck.

Ultrashape: It can treat fat on stomach, thighs and hips. The device is placed on target areas through which the machine transfers ultrasound technology that barrage and erases the fat through the metabolic process.

Liposonix: It spots the mid layer of fat in more common areas of the abdomen. It uses thermal ultrasonic energy to bruise excess fat.

Zerona: It uses low-level cold lasers to rattle fat cell membranes to boost their permeability. As a result fat cells crack their contents into interstitial fluids where the body can burn or reabsorb it later.