Nutrition tips for summer barbecues

Fresh and healthy salad typical Mediterranean

School’s out and summer is here in full swing. It’s the time to enjoy friends and family at barbecues. Summer barbecues can be a great way to enjoy the weather, relax and eat your favorite dishes. But it can be critical for weight watchers because many of these dishes are high in calories and fats. So it is crucial to eat nutritious and healthy at barbecues. Most appetizers and snacks foods like chips and dips are rich in fat and calories. To make it more healthy just have a glass of water for startup and spend more time socializing with friends than eating more unhealthy foods. Everybody enjoys barbecues but big food expansions can induce stress if you are a health or fitness conscious person. In summer it is harder to stay on track with fitness goals and eat healthy. By following some smart eating rules at summer barbecues you can enjoy delicious foods without worrying about your weight and health.

Here are some nutrition tips to enjoy summer barbecues and cookouts in a healthier way without sacrificing flavor or fun:

  • Vegetables first: Fill up with a green salad and few tablespoons of dressing instead of chips and dips. Vegetables are essential for good health. Grill veggies such as mushrooms and summer squash.
  • Focus less on starchy carbs: Starchy carbs are high in calories. Limit eating pasta, potato and bean salads. Don’t go crazy with starchy carbs.
  • Eat lean protein in small amounts: Eat grilled chicken, tofu, fish or lean beef burger, because these are lean proteins. Eat little amounts of lean proteins to provide you a feeling of fullness.
  • Pay attention to portions: It’s common to get crazy on seeing your favorite dishes around. But it is also important to pay attention to your eating. Eat your favorite dishes but be mindful. Eat small portions.
  • Pay attention to toppings: Top-up wisely because toppings can quickly take a calorie rich and fat bomb burger from a realistic meal. Mustard, salsa, avocado, pickles and fresh veggies are some tasty and healthy options.
  • Dip wisely: Make a healthy choice by dipping raw veggies in salsa or hummus instead of unhealthy dips. Veggies are rich in fiber. Guacamole is also a healthy choice but should be used in small amounts.
  • Avoid Mayo: Prepared side salads including macaroni salad, coleslaw, and potato salad contain tons of mayonnaise. These are enriched with fat. Try Greek yogurt for mayo or vinegar based dressings and grilled sweet potato.
  • Fruits: Fruits contain natural sugars. In summer you can enjoy the natural sweetness of grilled fruits. Have some grilled stone fruits. For a refreshing and light dessert enjoy fruit salads with fresh herbs.

Stay hydrated: Drink plain water throughout the day instead of other sweetened drinks and alcoholic beverages. Sparkling water with lime is best to increase the intake of fluid and refresh your body.