Sticking to Your New Year’s Weight Loss Plan

Most of the people set their New Year goals for various things. New Year resolution may be healthy habits and weight loss plan to stay fit. It is very easy to make a resolution with full passion and enthusiasm but difficult part of weight loss resolution is to stick to your plans. Many people set their weight loss goals every year but may not get success because of not sticking to them. Strongly sticking to your resolution is most important to get best results.

New Year is the best way to make your weight loss goals if you are realistic and strongly dedicated to your healthy eating habits. For this coming New Year make a difference to your eating habits, fitness workout to achieve your goals. Stick to your New Year resolution with full determination by following these steps:

Write down your goals: If you seriously want to do something, write down your goals and make a list. It will help you to remind about your goals. Fix this list in your kitchen as the kitchen is the main place where you can break your resolution.

Take professional help: If you are trying weight loss the first time you should take professional help to get a perfect strategy. A professional weight loss expert will definitely maximize the chances of success. You should have the absolute knowledge required for weight loss.

Eliminate temptations: Remove all unhealthy and bad foods from your kitchen and fridges like crackers, chips, cakes, sugar colas, pies and high-calorie foods. High calorie and unhealthy foods can interrupt your weight loss goals.

Add healthy and nutritious foods to your kitchen: Add up the low calorie and nutrient rich foods to your kitchen and refrigerator such as filtered water, protein-rich food (egg white, fish, turkey and chicken breast etc), Fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks and low-fat dairy products.

Accomplish small goals: Set mini goals daily and add up to your routine schedule like:

  • Consume ten glasses of clean water daily
  • Avoid elevators and take stairs for office, home and mall
  • Avoid fried foods
  • Have one vegetarian meal daily

Click your pictures daily: We know that pictures don’t tell a lie they tell us the truth of our body shape. Take your pictures every week rear, front and profile shots. You can check out your weekly improvement of your weight loss journey. It will also encourage you to stick to your resolution.

Active workout: Go for 20-30 minute walk daily and make it your habit to start your day. It will keep you active whole day. Add the exercises to your daily workout which you love most because if you enjoy your workout it will be more beneficial for you. Add up some fun and excitement to your workout.

Take a break: It may sound strange but it’s not bad actually. Don’t restrict yourself so much so give a break to yourself and have an occasional treat of your favorite foods once in a month or a week. It will surely energize and restore your body to stick to your goals. If you are seriously following your goals then it will not cause any harm to your plans.