The biggest weight loss blunders


The biggest weight loss blunders

Weight loss seems a tough task. Many people try for it with higher enthusiasm but fewer meet their expectations and others gradually lose their motivation. The reason behind this discouraging feeling can be being impatient and a realistic weight loss plan. Realistic goals inspire you to meet your expectations. Don’t expect that you will lose desired weight within a few days. Slow and progressive weight loss is more continual and healthy. Sometimes you may feel that you are doing everything right but still not getting good results. Maybe you are doing some mistakes which are hindering your progress. Let’s have a look on biggest weight loss blunders which stops you from reaching your goal.

Incomplete sleep: if you are not taking at least seven to eight hours sleep daily your body starts producing more ghrelin i.e. hunger hormone. It will increase more eating of fat gaining foods. Better rest and a complete sleep make you choose better food choices.

Focus on the scale weight: weight is influenced by things including the quantity of food remaining in your system and fluid variations. Sometimes you may lose fat and gain muscle as a result of workout. Maybe your weight measurement is same but your clothes are looser around the waist. So, weight loss is not shown by scale you may feel that you are losing weight by your looks and by trying older clothes.

Eating less protein: enough protein is important for weight loss. Protein is intensely helpful in weight loss. It can increase the feeling of fullness, reduce the appetite, increase metabolic rate, decrease calorie intake and protect muscle mass from weight loss activities. Eat high protein food to revamp weight loss.

Skipping meals: it is a common misunderstanding that calorie intake can be reduced by skipping meals. But it can make you hungrier and lead to overeating during your next meal. Skipping meals can cause a negative impact on your metabolism, energy level, and blood sugar level. Choose healthy foods and eat at regular intervals.

Eating fewer calories: this is the calorie counting trap. More calories mean more fat and more weight. Following this most of people eat fewer calories. But our body needs at least required amount of calories. If you are skipping calories it may increase your hunger. Don’t get captivated with calorie counting. Not all calories are bad. Some calories contain nutrients which are required to live healthier and lose more weight.

Depending on weight loss pills and supplements: like really? Just think once, if these pills really work for the long term then why our researchers and dieticians are working on weight management. Weight management is only about fueling our bodies in a healthier way. We eat food to provide fuel to our body for daily activities. We just have to fuel our body in the best way and rest it can take care of itself.

No exercise: People, who don’t like exercise, often choose dieting, calorie reduction or weight loss program. The majority of people are unable to lose desired weight in this way. Dieting lowers the metabolism and makes the weight loss harder. Exercise increases the body metabolism which results in fast weight loss and maintenance.

Skipping dairy products: research shows that dairy products help to shed pounds. High dairy diet brings more weight loss in comparison to calorie control diet. Calcium and vitamin D supplements bring same results but who consume dairy foods can get best results.